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                 LISA BOSTNAR

Washington Post called Lisa Bostnar “radiant and vivacious,” the Boston Globe. “superb,” and the New York Times adds “the weightlessness of a lifelong coquette with a heroine’s gravity and ferocity."


Anne-Marie Cusson, from stage  TV & film, has been called “delightful” “ballsy” “vibrant” “viscerally engaging” “shining” “difficult to take one’s eyes off” “a force of nature” – take your pick.

             ELISE STONE

New York Times says Elise Stone of the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble “commands the stage” is “fiery, sexy, sultry” "A honey voiced diva” “who always brings a sense of mystery.”  “A range and depth of emotion that is truly memorable.”



For Bound- selected for 2O16 Cannes Short Film Corner- Katherine Romans won best supporting actress in Best Shorts-Big Apple, and Studio City Film Festival called her "A Sizzling Cutie, "vivacious and stunning" who "can effortlessly kindle affectionate sentiments.”


                 GORDON CLAPP

Gordon Clapp won an Emmy & SAG Award for NYPD Blue, was Tony nominee for Glen Gary Glen Ross, was “enlightening” “fascinating” “mesmerizing” as Robert Frost in This Verse Business.


Director/Screenplay Co-Writer

Robert Lawson is a playwright, director, composer & visual artist; co-author of films & television; author, composer & designer of theater works, published by Playscripts, Inc, produced across the U.S., Europe & Asia.

ASHWORTH PRODUCTIONS is a developmental stage-to-film production company that gives theatre actors the opportunity to re-imagine their characters in film adaptations of stage plays. The company was founded by Stephen Ashworth in 2015.



Screenplay Co-Writer

                    GARY SLOAN

“splendidly will be thrilled” Shakespeare/DC; “powerful and incisive” Odets/Boston;  “wonderful, debonair, insouicant” O’Keefe/New York; "charismatic vitality” Mamet/IN; “ferocious emotional depth” Turgenev/Washington Post

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